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Our Story

Amy Barker, CPDT-KA, and Daniel Pringle
In November 2013 we were given an amazing opportunity to buy Prairie Dog from Don and Cyndi Cutler, founders and owners since 2009. Thanks to them, Prairie Dog has become a community place in which people and dogs mingle (and get treats). We are proud to carry on their values and their dream in this adventure.

This is our first endeavor as business owners, but Prairie Dog embodies many things that we deeply care about. Before Amy began working at Prairie Dog in 2010 she had a career in the photography industry but had really discovered a passion for dog training while learning to live with her troublesome but lovable pound-rescued Husky-Malamute, Loki. While she’d grown up with family dogs, Loki gave her a challenge that inspired her curiosity. She found a natural talent for working with dogs, interpreting dog behavior, and sharing her knowledge to create happy dogs and relieved owners. That experience motivated her to begin teaching at Diamonds in the Ruff, a positive reinforcement school focusing on the pet-owner relationship, and eventually became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Dan also grew up with pets and has a unique respect and care for animals. He’s a librarian at Spokane Public Library, where he helps people find information and connect to resources to enhance their lives. This means you may not see him around the store much, but he’ll be involved with our web presence here and on Facebook. In our free time, we can often be spotted outdoors hiking or snowshoeing with our Samoyed, Piper, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Declan.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of nutrition to dogs’ and cats’ health, behavior, and overall happiness. We have learned from experience that animals will thrive on a natural and holistic diet honoring their evolutionary development and free from cheap fillers and byproducts. We saw our cat Casper live an almost annoyingly full life after bouncing back from two close call surgeries with struvite crystals thanks to a diet of high-quality raw food and herbal supplements. Loki also lived on to aggravate and delight us in spite of kidney problems when we changed him to a higher quality food. Our current four-legged family, including Piper, Declan (above), kittens Birdie and Frankie, and Griffin, a stripedy cat, continues to fill our days with love, joy, and gratitude because of the delicious, natural food they get. Not to mention the never ending supply of new toys, catnip, and bully sticks. The cats love to eat so much it seems like that’s all they ever talk about!

We know the science behind pet nutrition is constantly evolving, so we strive to keep up-to-date on nutrition issues and monitor food manufacturers to make sure we’re carrying only the finest pet food available. We will continue to employ people with special interests and expertise in health and animal behavior.

The second guiding principle we have is that small, local businesses provide things that you won’t find somewhere else, like community and personalized service that points you toward products suited to the needs of you and your pets. We think businesses have an obligation to their customers and their local economy. We each have a role in a mutually beneficial relationship and by supporting each other we both win. And we take to heart our promise to give you the highest quality natural products we can find in a sustainable and responsible way.

Above all, we respect the special relationships people have with their pets. We consider it an honor to serve our customers, and believe that our store is one way to nurture the human-animal bond.
Our Pets
Bargle Family

Don & Cyndi's Farewell

Five years ago we opened Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile. While we'd had experience in a variety of endeavors, this was a first in the retail industry. Our lack of knowledge was invigorating and intimidating. Thanks to you, our customers, the store was a great success.

Several years ago we were fortunate to meet and hire Amy Barker. Most of our current customers know Amy well, since she's pretty much been managing the place for the past year or so. She's a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and now, a retail store owner. Amy and her husband, Dan Pringle, have purchased the Prairie Dog from us. They are off to a fast start, and hopefully in the next month or so they'll have news about a relocation to a new, larger store space (very near the present one). If you visit the Prairie Dog, you'll see the same faces you're used to: Stacy, Jesse, Kim, Cathy, and even sometimes--still--Don or Cyndi. (Selling the store doesn't mean we're gone forever!) More likely, however, you might spot us around town with a grandchild or dog in tow. Please say hi!

We're proud of the store's success and the "Best of" awards, but we treasure most the people and animals we've met. Over the past five years more than 5,000 unique people visited our store, along with more than 1,000 dogs, cats, a camel, several wallaroos, macaws, a hedgehog, and more (including a curious moose). We've made countless new friends, discovered new things about others and ourselves, and had a great time.

Amy and Dan are looking forward to continuing the Prairie Dog tradition of great customer service, science-based nutrition information, training tips (and classes), and a broad selection of pet-related merchandise. In addition, they'll be adding their own enhancements to the business, putting their special touches on it.

We're excited for the opportunity they have, and we're deeply grateful for the loyal support and many kind words from our customers.

Thank you!
Don and Cyndi Cutler

Our Team

Dakota Eckenroth

Dakota grew up with dogs, but it wasn't until she started volunteering with rescues in Los Angeles that she discovered her passion for working with them. While trying to break into the film industry she filled her free time volunteering, starting with simple walks and working up to basic obedience classes with under-socialized dogs. She started a job at a doggy daycare, which also sold high quality pet food and products. This sparked an interest in pet nutrition. Combining her love of education and animals she started at Prairie Dog in spring 2016, where she now gets to talk to pet parents about their fur babies and learn from her awesome co-workers every day. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her handsome mutts Fenris and Jake and exploring her new home of Spokane. 

Kim Imel, CPDT-KA

Kim has been in the pet care industry, starting her career in veterinary medicine, since 1988 and has been a professional dog trainer/instructor with Diamonds in the Ruff since 1998. Kim is the program coordinator for the Pawsitive Dog Training – Prison Program at Airway Heights Corrections Center, which is one of her greatest joys. In 2009 she joined the PDog team and loves working with the rest of the staff and all of the clients. 

For fun Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends, knitting for charity and working with and playing with her ‘fur kids’ which consist of two cats, Dawson and Ella, and two dogs, Mackenzie and Wrigley.

Stephanie Recla
Stephanie grew up in an animal loving home. If there was ever an animal in need her family would bring them in and care for them. After three years of service in the Air Force and graduating college, she worked in the corporate world until drawn back to working with animals again. Her true passion is to be able to care for animals and learn everything possible about pet nutrition to give them the best lives we can. She currently has two cats, Lola and Gary, who are spoiled with their own 'catio,' lots of toys, and delicious, nutritious, natural food.

Aileen Murphy
Aileen grew up in Spokane. She has always been fascinated by the unique and undeniable bond between humans and animals throughout history. While studying Philosophy at Gonzaga University she discovered multiple viewpoints from people around the world suggesting that humans and animals are deeply interconnected, benefitting greatly from these bonds both physically and emotionally. Always searching for new information and viewpoints, Aileen loves the fact that Prairie Dog helps to educate the Spokane community by exploring novel ideas concerning animal nutrition and health. She lives in a humble abode in south Spokane with her canine partners Etta and Cece, feline partners Emma and Tuna, and human partner Matt.

Jessica Vega
Jessica recently moved to Spokane after living in northern California for 27 years. She grew up in an animal loving home, starting with her first cat, Maggie. Jess's love for animals grew when she got her first dog, Roxy. From there, she dreamed of working with animals and further growing her knowledge of the dog world. In her free time she likes to hike and go to the lake with her 3 dogs, Levi, Puppy, and Ari. Anywhere Jess can bring her dogs is where she loves to be!
Curtis Golden
Curtis likes to hunt and hang out with his dogs. He loves being part of Prairie Dog!
Lisa Nielsen
Lisa was a polo pony trainer/manager around the country and Canada for fifteen years before another career at FedEx. On top of working at Prairie Dog, Lisa also runs the hydro-treadmill at PhysioPaws and loves helping dogs during their healing process. It is very rewarding. Her current hobby is taking her English Setter Tux to conformation dog shows in the area. She and Tux are members of Spokane Kennel Club and Puget Sound English Setter Club, and have made many new dog show friends.

Vicki Barker
After 35 years in customer service, Vicki “retired” in December 2012. Now she spends her time snow skiing, swimming and doing Agility with her Border Collie rescues Sally and Oliver. She is also a dog trainer and assistant at Diamonds in the Ruff. She enjoys working with and training dogs. She and husband Bill raised two daughters and currently have a family of three cats along with the two dogs. She is excited to be learning more about Prairie Dog, pet nutrition and assisting Amy in the operation of the retail store every day. 



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