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Prairie Dog LLC Friday, February 01, 2013
The Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile is almost four years old, which makes it nearly the same age as our two eldest grandchildren. One event--the arrival of grandchildren—is an ironic hint of aging, while the other--opening a small retail store, taking a risk--hints at something else--youth? Desire? Folly? Or, taking a retail risk could be what it was, and is: a manifestation of our love for animals and people who care for them.  

We believe in risk-taking that leads to personal growth, especially when it benefits others, so we're thrilled that a friend of ours has just taken a "leap." Yesterday, our friend and key store employee, Amy Barker, arrived in India for several weeks with John Rogers, the internationally-respected dog trainer.  Rogers is known as the “guru” of positive-reward behavior enhancement. He is particularly fond of training pets to respond without the constant food handouts most of us are accustomed to giving them during training sessions. (Who is training whom?)   

In India, according to a prior attendee, Amy can expect her three weeks to be   “a truly life changing experience with people who share your passion, getting down and dirty on a daily basis with fantastic dogs, seeing the real India and working in the most amazing place you will ever come across. The 20 day course in India is tiring and intensive but if you love dogs you will love every minute of it and you will make some friends for life as well as learning from the best behaviorist and trainer under the sun"

We’re happy that she’s having the experience, and we’re excited to hear her stories when she returns. 

She’ll be home in late January. We encourage you to come into the store and find out what intriguing new ideas about animal behavior and training Amy learned.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you and your furry friends have a very Happy New Year!                        

Don & Cyndi

Ps: Thank you to our Webmaster, Karen Kelly, for getting our new website in the air. She’s awesome!

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